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Arch Angel Obelisk ~ Rose Quartz

Arch Angel Obelisk ~ Rose Quartz

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ELEMENT: Earth and Water

weight: 60gms

Height: 75mm

width: 20mm

A crystal with mothering caring energies

Perfect used during pregnancy by holding on your stomach to connect with your unborn baby

Use for depression, or post natal depression. Helps you overcome any abuse of all kinds

A stone of love, nurturing and unconditional love and self respect

Helps us forgive and brings reconciliation with others and ourselves when needed

Metaphysically healing for hormones, fertility, balance, headaches, healthy flow of fluids and promoting self confidence

Rose Quartz brings sweet dreams, banishes nightmares and bring peaceful sleep

 Each stone features one Arch Angel energy

~ Arch Angel Gabriel

~ Arch Angel Micheal

~ Arch Angel Raphael

~ Arch Angel Uriel

Obelisks are four sided crystals that connect to a centre termination

They are symbolic of a mountain or tower which amplifies energies and focus through their apex

They help dissipate negative vibes and stress so are great for any home or business

 Obelisks help attain mental, physical and emotional balance

You receive one Obelisk  intuitively chosen for you, all are gorgeous! 

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