Argentina Rhodochrosite Obelisk



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weight: 21gms

height: 57mm

width: 11mm 

This is the best quality Rhodochrosite available and she originated from Argentina 

Rhodochrosite is a stone for opening the heart

Native Americans believe it to contain the blood of the great ancestral rulers and call it Inca Rose

Use if to find love or contact a lost friend or relative, it resonates with our intuition and heart

Rhodochrosite increases mind to mind telepathic between you and family

Its also great for first time mothers help them trust their maternal instincts

Metaphysically healing for circulation, blood pressure and stress related health issues

This crystal is natural and most forms will contain Druzy and indentations within. This is not damage and they are all unique with their colour and patterns

They may have a slight lean, but are completely sturdy 

Obelisks are four sided crystals that connect to a centre termination

They are symbolic of a mountain or tower which amplifies energies and focus through their apex

They help dissipate negative vibes and stress so are great for any home or business

Obelisks help attain mental, physical and emotional balance