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Charcoal Discs 10 per roll

Charcoal Discs 10 per roll

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These charcoal discs are used for burning your herbs and incense or resins

Place one in your Cauldron, bowl or heat proof dish you favour

They are lit by using a flame, match or taper, light the edge to begin

When your charcoal begins to sparkle, it will flow across the disc and be fully lit

If you wish to use airflow in form of a feather to get it hot, you may do so (like for sage)

Once your charcoal is hot, you are ready to add your pinch of herbs or resin to your Cauldron or heat proof dish

Place it on top of the hot disc. The result will be a release of aromatic smoke, it may be a lot, don’t panic this can be completely normal!

After several minutes, you may want to add more herbs, incense or resin to your mix

If after a while your ash produces a more burning smell, carefully scrape the residue off your disc

Be very careful as it is hot and can cause burns, tweezers or small tongs are best used, never touch with your bare fingers please!!!!

Your charcoal will eventually burn itself out, allow to completely cool or place in a glass of cold water if you have no time to spare

This charcoal is created for indoor burning, it is not toxic, unlike outdoor bbq charcoal

It burns super hot and burns cleanly 

Decor not included! You receive one roll of charcoal discs


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