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Aztec Shawl/Throw ~ Arizona Sunset

Aztec Shawl/Throw ~ Arizona Sunset

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These gorgeous shawls are composed of acrylic polyester so they have no itch factor! I’m allergic to wool and can’t have it on my skin, I’m sure a few of you will relate.

Our wraps may also be machine washed as needed on 30 degrees.

Their versatility makes them ideal as a warm poncho style for your neck and shoulders.

They are ideal to throw over a T-shirt and I keep a spare in our car because if you stop for a coffee or meal by the beach and it’s breezy these are perfection!

I always cover my bases as I hate being cold.

Another use is they make a cosy dog blankie. Jasper loves using his in his bed to snuggle in.

They are soft, lightweight and warm (I really feel the cold)!
Please note small threads may occur, do not pull them.

You receive exact wrap shown

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