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DEPRESSION Healing Bracelet ©️

DEPRESSION Healing Bracelet ©️

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CHAKRA: Root and Heart

8mm gemstones on elastic with spacer

7inches circumference

Our handmade bracelets are a simple way to wear crystal energies, and receive some positive healing benefits into your daily routine

This style bracelet features a Tibetan Silver Elephant for inner strength and stamina everyday

Tibetan silver is used primarily in jewelry components, and is similar to pewter

Charm may be gently polished using a jewellery cloth

These mixed varieties are based on our popular healing pouches, the stones chosen compliment each other and work with their combined vibrations

For those who suffer anxiety, depression or negativity know it can interfere with daily life, we have based these healing bracelets on our popular pouches

These two stones work together as a positive team, Lepidolite is lithium rich which is beneficial for emotions and mind, and smoky quartz induces calm and relieves anxiety and depression

A crystal to bring balance and positive change to your life with Cosmic awareness 

It has soft nurturing energies that connect us with our inner self

Meditating with this crystal helps resolve long standing issues and helps you move forward

Helps with OCD and stops you worrying about the small things in life

Soothing for personality disorders and detoxifying for emotions and depression

Lepidolite is useful for insomnia, place beside your bedside to bring peaceful sleep

Metaphysically healing for nerve related issues, menopause and joint pain

A stone for strengthening the immune system

Protective energies against electro magnetic fields when placed beside electrical devices

Smoky Quartz is a stone of protective grounding vibes

Smoky quartz is a crystal that will guard against psychic attacks, paranormal activity and keep evil energies away

Perfect to keep on your bedside at night

It will bring sleep if you have insomnia and help ease your anxieties or panic attacks

Use to absorb misfortune and sorrows

Metaphysically healing for moving energy blocks and helping chronic pain

Smoky quartz eliminates and detoxes our system on all levels

Easing for depression and brings calm emotions

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