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Baoding Balls/Chinese Meditation Balls

Baoding Balls/Chinese Meditation Balls

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You receive one set as shown with pouch 

Baoding Balls, Stress Balls, Chinese Meditation Balls or Yin/Yang Balls, they have many names!

They all do the same thing for us and that makes it simple!

These ancient balls originate in Baoding which is located in a northern Chinese city

They have health benefits when used daily or as part of your spiritual practice

Use your balls to relieve stress, focus your mind, bring clarity and build dexterity in your hands

They may also help arthritis as they encourage blood flow through your hands 

To use them they are rotated clockwise and counter clockwise as you hold them in one palm 

The consistent movement will release the sound and vibration

This is when healing takes place within your inner body and mind 

Allow them to replace any anger, frustration and distraction will harmony and serenity instead

You will feel your body relax, muscles loosen and your jaw unclench! 


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