Intuitively Chosen ~ Black Kyanite/Witches Fan



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weight: 20gms

height: 50mm

width: 40mm all approximate for their sizes

Black Kyanite comes in steel grey or black colouring

This Kyanite is favoured by many healers it cleanses the aura energy field and the energies left behind in the room afterwards

Use by passing up and down the body to clear and activate the Chakras, circle above the crown and shoulders to help mend tears in the aura

Good for stimulating your psychic ability with protection against any paranormal occurrences 

This crystal will enable safe dreams and travel into other dimensions with good recall

Good for assisting with panic or irritability. Allows us to move and try forget problems we can't let go of

Metaphysically healing for natural pain relief, adrenal glands and visual disturbances

Do not wet Kyanite with water, cleanse with sage, Singing Bowl or Palo Santo please!

You receive one natural Kyanite fan chosen intuitively for you