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Larvakite Tumble Stones

Larvakite Tumble Stones

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CHAKRA: Throat, Third Eye

Larvakite originates from Norway and is also called Black Norwegian Moonstone 

It has brilliant flashes of blue and silver within and is a form of Feldspar like other moonstones

It has grounding energies to connect with nature and counteract over exposure to harmful substances in our environment

Use to bring psychic dreams and connect with ancestors or spirit guides, past lives and aid recall in your dream messages

Good for staying rational and stopping mood swings

Metaphysically healing for blood pressure, PMS, menopause and hot flushes

Good for cooling the body and lowering blood pressure

Enchances inner beauty,  radiance and youthfulness,  this stone resonates with female energies and reproductive system

Folklore believe it holds mysterious magical energy which gives inner visions and enhances psychic abilities

Use to connect with Earth and Nature Spirits with Magick

These tumble stones are large size and highest quality,  perfect for crystal healing wherever you go

Pop one in your pocket, bra or bag for energies on the go

Placed under your pillow at night you receive the healing energies whilst sleeping

You receive one Tumble stone shown chosen intuitively for you  

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