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Frosted Black Onyx Healing Bracelet ~ SHIELDING

Frosted Black Onyx Healing Bracelet ~ SHIELDING

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8mm frosted gemstone beads on elastic 

7 inch circumference

This new collection features frosted crystals, enjoy their unique look and feel

Black Onxy is a powerful protective stone to keep

It has been used for centuries for healing, medicinal and protection

Wearing or having black onyx on will bring grounding energies. It deflects harmful and evil energies away from you

It offers protection against negative people and gives you a positive outlook on life

Metaphysically healing for improving cell regeneration, vitality and nausea

Good for those who suffer an obsession or addiction

Healing bracelets are the easy way to achieve crystal vibes in your daily routine

Please do not wet your bracelet as quality may be affected over time

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