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Black Opal Sphere Includes Wooden Holder

Black Opal Sphere Includes Wooden Holder

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weight: 181gms

Diameter: 63mm

These beautiful opals originate from Madagascar

Opals are a very nurturing vibration that resonate with the heart and root depending on their tone for emotional healing

Use opal for cleansing and purifying your Spirit, sacred spaces and family home

They help improve memory and thought patterns and they give us a sense of faith in love and relationships

The deep tones of Black Opal provide us with grounding, balance and Mother Earth connection

Opals allow us to heal past traumas and prepare us for fresh new growth

Hold during meditation to reach deep levels of peace and concentration

Metaphysically healing for reducing stress, panic and promoting peace within

Crystal spheres/balls bring harmony to their surrounds with their perfect shape

They direct even energy flow when used in crystal healing

Use as a focal point during meditation or for scrying

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