Bloodstone GOOD LUCK Faceted Bracelet with Buddha Charm©️


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CHAKRA: Root, Sacral and Heart

ELEMENT: Earth and Fire

8mm gemstone bracelet on elastic 

7 inch circumference

Bloodstone or "Helitrope" means turning with the Sun

It is a sun stone that when dipped in water and placed on the skin sends healing, this is believed in many cultures

Bloodstone is an excellent stone for detoxing the body and soul

Boosts energy, motivation, clarity and is uplifting with protective energies 

A Mother goddess stone to ease misunderstandings or problems with mothers

Keep a piece in a glass jar where the sun shines to attract money to your home or business

Metaphysically healing for lower back pain, nosebleeds, circulation and strength in childbirth and labour

Please do not wet bracelet as quality may be affected over time

This design features a Tibetan Silver Good Luck Buddha, to bring abundance, laughter and prosperity

Tibetan silver is used primarily in jewelry components, and is similar to pewter

Charm may be gently polished using a jewellery cloth

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