Blue Andean Opal Egg with hematite ring

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weight: 95gms

height: 50mm

width: 35mm

This beautiful blue andean opal originates from Peru

It is a stone of warm and happy energies with nurturing vibrations

It aids our emotions whilst giving us positive energy and allows us to find our inner self

Blue Opal is strengthening for our immune system

Direct skin contact is best when used in crystal healing

Folklore has it connected with water, journey and longing our spiritual home

A stone of clear expression and words. It helps you have courage if faced with an injustice, helps you not feel overwhelmed by problems faced

Metaphysically healing for metabolic imbalances, exhaustion, helps in childbirth and aftercare

Crystal Eggs are symbolic of fertility, creativity, good luck and abundance in life

They are useful in crystal healing to locate blockages in your energy field

Use for drawing pain out and away from the body with their pointed end

The egg with their soothing shape is a perfect meditation and relaxation aid to hold in your palms

Use for Reiki, acupressure, shiatsu and reflexology practices