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Blue Apatite Tumble Stones

Blue Apatite Tumble Stones

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CHAKRA: Root and Heart

A beautiful crystal known as "Bones of the Earth"

Apatite cleanses our Aura and works all our Chakras for balance

A stone for every crystal healer with wonderful energy

Blue Apatite can be used as a dream stone to activate our intuition and to tap into our previous lives or karmic patterns

It increases the healing properties with natural therapies and boosts effects of other crystals used

A perfect stone for grid layouts as a centre piece

Use for increasing telepathic and psychic communication with animals, especially birds and pet

This is the best crystal for weight loss and motivating your mind

Wear it to to help with weight loss goals by increasing your willpower, suppressing hunger and boosting your metabolism with a kick start 

Metaphysically healing for brittle bones, fluid imbalances and metabolism

Tumble stones are perfect sized for carrying crystal energies with you

Carry one in your pocket, bra, handbag and receive healing vibes when needed.

Placed near your bedside or under your pillow, will allow you to receive the healing energies whilst sleeping.

You receive one tumble stone shown chosen intuitively for you

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