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Blue Druzy Silver Pendant

Blue Druzy Silver Pendant

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ELEMENT: Earth and Water

Height: 36mm

Width: 22mm

Ever wondered what Druzy actually is? 

It is thin layer of tiny quartz crystals, that are crystallised to the surface of a quartz rock or also in the hollow of Agate geodes

Druzy Quartz has all the properties of Quartz and looks like tiny sugar grains, it is widely sought after for jewellery design

Druzy has energy vibrations to increase our psychic ability, spiritual growth & clairvoyance 

Like all quartz it promotes perfect harmony, good vibes and equilibrium to our astral and physical bodies

This beautiful pendant features dyed druzy, this does not in anyway affect the crystal but rather enhances her beauty! 💙

Genuine .925 sterling silver with raw druzy 

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