Blue Chalcedony COOLING Healing Bracelet with Hasma©️



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CHAKRA: Throat And Heart


8mm beads on elastic

7 inches circumference

These Healing bracelets are the perfect way to receive the healing and positive vibes of crystal energies during your daily routine

This style bracelet features a Tibetan Silver Hasma to bring positivity and protection each day

Tibetan silver is used primarily in jewelry components, and is similar to pewter it may be polished

This pretty stone originates from USA also referred to as Blue Holly

It is referred to as the deep blue pool crystal it has a soothing vibe and appearance

A stone to bring peace and bring calm if you have a hectic home and family or life

It allows deep meditation if you usually have an over active mind that won't settle

May assist with obsessive compulsive disorders

Metaphysically healing for fluid retention,hay fever, gallstones and inflammation

 Do not wet your bracelet as in the long term this could affect the quality