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Bohemian Crochet Dreamcatcher

Bohemian Crochet Dreamcatcher

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Height: 650mm

Native American insight with a bohemian twist 

These gorgeous dream catchers are hand made so each will slightly differ 

They use unbleached cotton so shade variation and patches are a normal characteristic 

If feathers fall out, they may be threaded back through the wooden bead

Dreamcatchers have been used by Indigenous tribes for their children and adults 

They were usually made using animal skin, bones and sinew along with feathers

With our health regulations we cannot use those materials!

Dreamcatchers are hung by your sleeping area to deter any negative energy 

It is believed they catch and filter the bad dreams/thoughts in their cob webbed design

The feathers allow the good dreams to flow through without harm

Feathers are symbolic of peace, wisdom and blessings. Birds are regarded as messengers between the two worlds and are very symbolic and spiritual beings.

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