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Bohemian Hair Wrap ~ Paisley

Bohemian Hair Wrap ~ Paisley

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Get your Gypsy Bohemian vibes, and look ever so pretty at the same time….

These wire hair bands cover our bad hair days, the days we skip a wash because we were too tired (yep me often), or when it’s humid and you can’t stand your hair down, these are fantastic to hold it all up with some style! 

These gorgeous designs are made by a Goddess here in the Hinterland, and I’m so happy to stock them!

I get compliments all the time and messages about mine, so decided to stock them for you all. Perfect for gifting with some crystal earrings and bracelets too! 

These designs feature luxuriously soft cotton, muslin or rayon material, with a wire inside to secure their hold, it’s amazing, it does not dig in, hurt, or leave marks on your head!

The hairband is approximately 18cm wide 

Please gently straighten it out once you receive it, so it’s ready to use 

Have fun with yours and wear it your way. You receive the exact hair band photographed 

I have included Taylar and myself, wearing ours how we like,  just so you see it in different ways.

Instructions are also shown here with photos, which is so helpful! 


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