Brandberg Amethyst



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CHAKRA: Third Eye 


weight: 52gms

height:  52mm

width: 33mm

This is no ordinary amethyst! This gorgeous variety originates in Namibia Africa 

It is a combination of Quartz family vibrations including 

Amethyst, Smoky and Clear Quartz 

The results of Mother Earth growing this combined crystal?

Mystic magickal energy.  So using Brandberg as a potent talisman is a wonderful idea

A crystal known as the all healer of people, plants and animals

Amethyst is highly spiritual vibration used for healing and meditation

A stone that protects against paranormal harm or ill wishing

Attracts good luck to your life with harmony and peace

It purifies the aura of any negative energy or energy blocks and places a protective bubble of light around our bodies allowing us to remain safe and centered while opening our selves to spiritual awareness and enlightenment 

Amethyst holds the energy of fire and passion, creativity and spirituality

A stone for opening our psychic energies and intuition 

Metaphysically healing for headaches, relieving stress and promoting peaceful sleep and dreams

These natural points are used in crystal healing to channel positive energy toward the body or remove negative energy away from the body

Points are powerful tools for clarifying and focusing intentions