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Brass Bells ~ Triple Moon Green cord

Brass Bells ~ Triple Moon Green cord

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width: 105mm 

length: 750mm

The beauty and energy of the Triple Moon Phases. Tap into lunar energy always!
This hanging is one continuous cord

 Brass bells and decorations featuring them are often near Altars and hung in sacred spaces around the home for protection

The pitch of the bell has a few benefits:

~ Placed at the front door they help banish bad energy from entering 

~ They clear spaces of unwanted negative vibrations or evil spirits

~ They may be used to conjure higher spiritual realms and energies

~ They may be used to clear crystals,  and possesions

~ Used In spells and manifesting

Add some spirituality and positive energy to any sacred space with these hangings.

They are on a long cord and contain glass beads and bells

They are lightweight to hang in any desired place or as a decorative ornament on your favourite spiritual statues....

You receive one hanging as shown  

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