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Brass Tingsha Bells/Cymbals

Brass Tingsha Bells/Cymbals

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Size ~ 65mm x 65mm

These Tingsha Bells are hand made in Tibet and feature the traditional brass, attached with a leather cord

These spiritual sound cleansing cymbals are used for our heart, mind clarity and clearing your home of stagnant residual energies

They are a tool used by Buddhist’s,  but have been used in Shamanic practices long before

They are used for spiritual growth, clearing the mind, meditation and sound clearing


~ Hold the leather cord in both your fingertips, so it does not slip, approx 2cm above the cymbals

~ Hold the cord firmly and strike the two cymbals together once to produce their sound

~ Let the vibration and sound cease completely, before striking again

~ By using your Tingsha Bells you are able to clear your mind for clarity, relax into meditation or clear your altar space and home


~ Clearing your space is a practice used to remove emotional and stagnant energy from a room

~ These energies can become a heavy residual, in any space caused by our daily routines and emotions

~ These cymbals work in the same way as Tibetan Singing Bowls or White Sage Smudging

~ Walk through each room using your Bells, chiming them slowly until their sound ceases, then repeating until the room has been thoroughly cleansed

~ Ensure all four corners of each space is cleared of residual energy

Use your Tingsha Bells whenever relaxation, sound clearing or meditation is needed

They produce a wonderful high pitched vibrating chime that resonates deep within,  to bring deep relaxation and de stressing of our spiritual bodies and mind

Each may slightly vary as they are handmade

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