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Butterfly ~ Rainbow Fluorite

Butterfly ~ Rainbow Fluorite

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CHAKRA: Heart and Third Eye

ELEMENT: Air and Water

weight: 66gms

height: 77mm

Width: 57mm

Fluorite relieves stress and protects against negative energy

She is a stone for clarity of mind. Use her to help retain information and provide clear thinking with rational thoughts

This crystal is wonderful for studying and students,  it’s a stone of calm and cooling vibrations which we all want!

Fluorite is like a breath of fresh air to your surrounds and brings with it positive vibes and harmony

Use her to detox and cleanse your emotions and ease depression, used in crystal healing fluorite will bring balance to the body and energy pathways

Metaphysically healing for the immune system, boosting our vitality and reliving emotional baggage like grief or blocked emotions

Spirit animals are always close by to remind us of our natural power and of course their presence.

These multi coloured pretties are usually regarded as signs from heaven above…. They remind us of ancestors, loved ones and spiritual enlightenment. Butterflies remind us to soar to new heights, transform ourselves and adapt to our current surrounds. Spread your wings and live for today!

Please note: minor flaws will be present in these carvings and they are not damaged. Being a porous stone, fluorite will always have/show internal cracks and markings. This is not considered a fault but a characteristic of this beautiful crystal. You will  see these “imperfections” in our photos. Who needs perfect t though

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