Canadian Ammonite Poison Locket Silver Pendant



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Height: 45mm

Width: 32mm

Poison Lockets or Pillbox Lockets have been used since the 16th Century in Europe.

They were used to conceal and then slip either poison or another drug substance easily into an enemies drink or food. I don’t condone this behaviour in our day and age, please!

You may use your locket to carry small keepsakes, lockets of hair, written notes, manifestations or even small crystal chips of protection.

This style is not machine perfection, as they are hand made by our Silversmith, so please don’t buy if you don’t like rustic style jewellery.

~ Ammonite originates from the Rocky Mountains of US and Canada

It has similar tones to an opal but is organic and a fossilised ammonite, which are made up of aragonite

Ammonite are fossilised sea creatures that lived around 430million years ago.  A true vintage item to collect!

Ammonite Fossil  was cherished by ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece who depicted them in the works and believed them to hold powers of insight and prophecy

Folklore believe by holding an Ammonite in your palms during a meditation session will reveal the Akashic Records

Use to activate and rise your inner Kundalini energies from the base of your spine upwards through your Root & Sacral Chakras and up through your energy centres

All begins with the centre heart and spirals outwards in sacred geometry with our personal and spiritual growth within our Universe

Feng Shui believe them to have a positive effect of the energy flow and allow us to detox and cleanse our systems

They contain earthy grounding vibes for powerful centering and healing

Ammonite Fossils represent the cycles of our life and growth

Use for lucid dreaming and recall by placing beside your bedside each night or wear to bed

Metaphysically healing for cramping, impotence and healthy pregnancies

Keep a Fossil with you during pregnancy, delivery and afterwards for pain relief

Genuine .925 sterling silver 

Please choose carefully we don’t refund jewellery due to hygiene regulations 

Clean with a damp towel of silver polishing cloth, do not wet crystals