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Candle Holder ~ Orange Calcite

Candle Holder ~ Orange Calcite

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CHAKRA: Solar Plexus & Sacral

ELEMENT: Earth and Fire 

weight: 1kg 

height: 60mm

width: 105mm 

These holders fit tea light candles or are wonderful as little succulent pots! 

A vibrant stone for our bodies to bring joy and positivity

It is known as a stone of energy and happiness

Orange Calcite promotes sexuality, vitality and positive vibes 

Calcite is a stone that removes negative and stagnant energy from its surrounds

It brings vitality and increases energy of your home or soul

It is a highly active crystal to allow spiritual growth

Calcite removes stress and instils harmony and peace

Use for meditation, concentration and mind expansion

When used for spiritual work it will clear negative energies and instill calm

Calcite will remove energy blockages within our bodies and restore healthy flow

Metaphysically healing for gallstones, IBS and low fertility, chronic fatigue and bed wetting

Please note each candle will vary being a natural occurring crystal  

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