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Candle Quartz Natural Point

Candle Quartz Natural Point

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CHAKRA: Crown ELEMENT: Water and Air 

weight: 99gms

height: 54mm

width: 47mm

This Quartz is opaque in appearance and so beautiful for spiritual growth and healing

Being part of the Elestial family, this shares surfaces of etchings, texture, and it does look a lot like a burning candle!

This energy strongly resonates with feminine power and is perfect to gain self confidence with 

Natural points like these are wonderful to absorb negative energy and stress you may be holding within

Her Magickal Aspect is helping you connect with your power animal and spirit guides, try holding or keeping your point close by as you practice meditation or divination

Awaken your Third Eye to all things and paths awaiting, and see the Magick everywhere

Allow your candle Quartz to shine the light of happiness for you 

Metaphysically Healing for regeneration of the body, chills and emotions 


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