Cast Iron Cauldron with Triquetra



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Weight: 1kg or 1000gms

height: 100mm

width: 115mm

This is a must for every goddess woman in her home!

This cauldron is solid cast iron and hand made, with a lid and carrying handle. It features 3 tripod legs.

Cauldrons are used for magick rituals and various uses

~ cleansing surrounds 

~ sage burning

~ incense burning or creating

~ brewing potions

~ herbal remedies

~ mini bonfires on your outdoor patio table

They are heat resistant and may be cleansed with water and dried

These cast Iron cauldrons are hand made, slight imperfections will occur it is their nature

They are a rustic charm, so scratches or dents may occur, this is not a fault

Triquetra is used in Wicca & Pagan practice

It represents the threefold nature of the Goddess Maiden, Mother & Crone

Triquetra symbolises the three faces of the Goddess, balance of the Mind Body Spirit