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Sphere Holder/Oil Burner ~ Cream Buddha

Sphere Holder/Oil Burner ~ Cream Buddha

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height: 90mm 

width: 80mm

Add some Zen, calm, peace and blessings to your sacred space and family home

These ceramic oil burners look totally gorgeous and they also make a perfect crystal sphere holder!

To use as an oil burner please follow the following instructions

~ Fill the top with water and add a few drops of essential oil

~ Light your tea light flame and allow the heat to disperse the aromatic healing

~ Do keep checking water level to avoid burning the top!

~ Always place on a heat proof surface and take care as it does heat up

Each is unique, so colour variations will occur (I have photographed a few to show slight differences) 

Please note their finish is smooth glazed and may be hand washed in warm soapy water as needed

You  receive one oil burner chosen intuitively for you 

Sphere not included! 



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