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Please send through your:

Full name + Birthdate + Any health related questions for Spirit to my email address upon booking in your tarot reading.

My email address is ~ taylarpaige102@gmail.com 

This beautiful tarot spread has been created to reveal what energy is flowing through your Wellbeing and Spirit…

+ Focusing on each of your 7 Chakras, both Spirit and Tarot will highlight where stagnant energy and chakra blocks are existing within your body and provide messages on how to heal and promote more positive and balanced energy

+ Recommendations for what crystals or rituals will help heal the disharmony existing within your Chakras

+ A future outlook of the Universal Energy that will surround your health and wellbeing in the upcoming months & how your overall health will progress into the future

+ If you have any health concerns you wish to include in this reading or have any particular questions about your health simply send them through and we’ll add this into your reading


I deeply believe we have the power to heal ourselves. By being aware of the energies that exist in our metaphysical body (Chakras are the pure energy source and reflection of what’s happening within our mind, body, spirit, emotions and soul), we are able to make beneficial changes and promote the highest of positive white light to flow through our health and well-being


Additional Information ~

You will receive your tarot reading via email WITHIN 7 days of purchase. I try my best to avoid long delays, but at times it does get busy, so I thank you for your patience

I am 100% HONEST with my tarot readings no matter what appears and wholeheartedly respect my clients privacy. I’ll do my best to answer yes/no questions but any spiritual adviser will tell you, the future is never set in stone and we influence it with every thought, action and choice we make in our everyday lives.

If you require additional information before purchasing please feel free to message me on my Facebook business page TAROT TAYLAR and I’ll respond promptly to you!

I look forward to doing your reading! 🌿


- I do not claim to have medical knowledge and should not be replaced by a medical practitioner.

- I do not have the ability of a medium and cannot contact deceased loved ones.

- I can see into future events within a 12 month radius but cannot foresee extensive years ahead like a clairvoyant or psychic does.