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Chlorite Generator

Chlorite Generator

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CHAKRA: Heart, Crown 


weight: 86gms 

height: 93mm 

width: 25mm

This is a wonderful quartz with green chlorite inclusions

This inclusion forms within quartz when the chlorite is enclosed by further growth of the crystal

This combination of crystals brings grounding energies with their chlorite inclusion from Mother Earth, to bring balance and stability to our physical and mental bodies

Benefits include clarity of mind, strength and aiding our spiritual growth and journey

Used in crystal healing they will align our Chakras and cleanse the Auric field

They bring extra dimensions to explore and relieve sorrows to bring emotional balance

Metaphysically healing for whole body healing, skin growths and blemishes

Quartz is highly programmable making it the perfect crystal for manifesting, meditation and healing

Use Generators or Standing Points for charging or energising the atmosphere in any room

To bring protection and grounding in meditation

To energise your other crystals

To freshen the atmosphere and your surrounds

Use as a meditation focal point

Use them as a centre piece in gridding layouts

Use for home and business prosperity

They are a must for every light worker, healer and crystal collector

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