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Cinnabar Tumble Stones

Cinnabar Tumble Stones

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CHAKRA: Root and Sacral

Cinnabar is perhaps the most toxic and beautiful of all minerals

It is a grounding stone to help you connect with Mother Earth and the greater good of all

Use for meditation to find your life journey and path to follow

It has been used since ancient times for its vibrant red tones and the pigment is used in many carvings, jewellery and homewares today

Known as the Merchants Stone as it promotes prosperity and wealth to your life, especially if you have your own business

Place a small Tumble stone in your cash register or money bag to attract abundance

Kundalini energy is at the base of our spine and start of our Chakras

It is great for manifesting our desires and raising our Kundalini energies from within our Root Chakra where it lays dormant, until it is released from our Sacral Chakra

Metaphysically healing for sexual disfunction and fertility issues

Always handle your raw cinnabar with care and wash hands afterwards

In Tumble stone form it is relatively safe. Keep away from pets and small children

Do not use in elixirs

These tumbles are perfect for healing vibes wherever you may be place in your pocket, purse or bag

Placed under your pillow whilst sleeping brings healing energies whilst sleeping

You receive one Tumble stone shown chosen intuitively for you 

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