Citrine Gridding Points includes Pouch



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CHAKRA: Solar Plexus

ELEMENT: Fire and Air

weight: 100gms 

Size: 450mmx 450mm

Gridding crystals are used for making sacred geometry patterns that connect with crystal vibrations and Universal energy

They are used by placing your cleansed crystals on a cloth, table, room of your home or on the body for healing in a layout of your desired choice

To make a grid design follow your intuition and manifest your intentions:

~ Your centre crystal is the main energy intent and focus for the others chosen

~ Your surrounding crystals will compliment the energies of the centre piece 

~ The layout may be inspired by the sacred geometry of your grid pattern, nature or your own personal choice and intuition 

~ The crystals you choose will be amplified by the geometric grid pattern and generator/wand used

~ Activate your layout using a crystal wand, laser wand or generator so your stones are linked 

~ Speak you intentions out loud to your grid and crystals and get those energies amplifying!

~ Use for love, protection, health, prosperity, protection, harmony, healing or balance

~ A generator is great to keep as the centre piece as they keep charging the surrounding crystals like a battery

Always cleanse, charge and programme your crystals with the highest good and protective light

Featured Cloths we sell are Seed of Life and Metatrons Cube which is sacred geometry symbolic of the seven days of creation and a protection symbol. These designs amplify your manifesting and crystal energies

If you need help in a grid layout and want advice on stones to choose for your manifesting please message me I am happy to assist 😊

Citrine is a gem of joy, happiness and the Sun.

It brings health, wealth and prosperity to your life

Citrine requires no cleansing as it holds no negative vibrations

Use to cleanse other crystals in your collection

It has metaphysical energies for healing digestive issues, lack of energy, metabolism and fibromyalgia

These natural points are perfect for grids, healing, your home or in an Abalone Shell for increased protective energies 

Keep a piece where your money flows

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