CLARITY & FOCUS Mixed Healing Bracelet with Buddha Charm©️


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CHAKRA: Solar Plexus, Heart and Crown

10mm gemstones on elastic

7 inches circumference

These mixed style Healing bracelets are based on our popular healing pouches 

They are a simple way to wear crystal energies, and receive some positive healing benefits into your daily routine

Study, focus, keeping our mind alert and expanded is necessary for personal growth and business. We need to quiet our mind and relax to allow information to flow in and be retained. These stones give us that benefit.

WHITE  HOWLITE: A stone that diffuses anger and stress and replaces with harmony and calming vibes from within. 

It also aids in peaceful sleeping and dreaming which in turn relaxes our brain activity. Howlite is a stone of spirituality that connects us with our higher self and the Divine.

RAINBOW FLUORITE: Fluorite relieves stress and protects against negative energy. A stone for clarity of mind. Helps retain information and provide clear thinking with rational thoughts. Good for studying and students, it’s a stone of calm and cooling vibrations. 

Fluorite is like a breath of fresh air to your surrounds and brings with it positive vibes and harmony. Metaphysically healing for the immune system, boosting our vitality and energy levels. 

Removes emotional baggage like grief or blocked moods. Use to detox and cleanse your emotions and ease depression, used in healing to bring balance to the body. 

TIGERS EYE:  This acts as an antidote against anger so brings calm energies to our mind. Aids in meditation and brings strength and courage. Metaphysically healing for all over body strength and vitality.

Do not wet bracelet as quality may be affected over time

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