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Clear Quartz Natural Point Chimes

Clear Quartz Natural Point Chimes

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ELEMENT: Fire And Water

width: 80mm

length: 500mm

These beautiful wind chimes bring harmony and white light energy to your home and surrounds

They do not make sound so are peaceful and instead catch the sun and moonlight whilst reflecting rainbows

This clear quartz originates from Brazil and is securely attached to a wood holder 

They may be used indoors or outdoors, I have mine catching the moon and sun rays under our pergola 

Clear Quartz is the master of the crystal world with powerful clearing energies

It protects from negativity and offers psychic protection against black magic

A stone wonderful for meditation with its universal knowledge, healing and purity

It amplifies energies of all other gemstones and contains pure life force energies

Metaphysically healing for our whole mind, body and soul

Clear Quartz is a highly programmable stone making it perfect for meditation,manifesting or healing

Clear Quartz draws its energies down from the Universe and higher sources and from nature

This energy transfers to our rainbow auric field and cleanses and centres our Chakras 

These natural Points are perfectly imperfect, they are all different sizes and shapes

Each chime set contains  7 Clear Quartz natural Points 

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