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Contoured Body Wand ~ Chevron Dream Amethyst

Contoured Body Wand ~ Chevron Dream Amethyst

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CHAKRA: Third Eye


Weight: 102gms

Height: 83mm 

width: 39mm

Amethyst is the all healer of plants, people and pets

It is referred to as Nature’s Tranquilizer to us healers and light workers!

Amethyst is useful for breaking obsessions and addictions 

It protects from ill wishing and paranormal attacks

It purifies the aura of any negative energy or energy blocks and places a protective bubble of light around our bodies allowing us to remain safe and centered while opening our selves to spiritual awareness and enlightenment.

Amethyst holds the energy of fire and passion, creativity and spirituality

Attracts good luck to your life with harmony and peace. Amethyst is a highly spiritual stone to open our psychic centres for growth

Metaphysically healing for headaches, stress and insomnia

These contour healing wands are the bomb!

They increase blood flow and healthy circulation 

I love mine for reflexology and using it to remove knots in my shoulders, neck etc

The are fully polished and smooth, so they will glide effortlessly over any curve of your body with ease

Use the pointed end to draw pain away and use the wider end to massage the area and circulate your Chi 

They may be washed with water and if you wish to use a natural body oil, you just ensure you thoroughly wash and dry your Crystal after use in fresh water with a soap free wash


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