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Copper Charging Pyramid medium

Copper Charging Pyramid medium

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height: 110mm

width: 120mm

Copper attracts abundance and good luck to your home

It also is very energising for smaller stones or jewellery, when they are placed underneath or around the perimeter for a few hours

Copper opens energy pathways around our home and Spirit if we wear or hold it

These gorgeous charging pyramids add a touch of Magick to any home decor

Perfect for Sacred Spaces or Altars or for grid work

Pyramids are very energetic high vibration forms that help us focus, set intentions and manifest 

Think of them as a battery recharge for your mind, body, spirit and the same for your crystals

May be polished using a soft jewellery cloth, or by using lemon juice and then rinsing, if they tarnish over time/weather conditions 

You receive one pyramid as shown, crystals are NOT included 


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