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CHAKRA: Sacral & Solar Plexus

weight: 39gms

height: 42mm

width: 25mm

This amazing specimen is so hard to source! This gorgeous girl originates from Tasmania. Australia

Crocoite is a feel good vibe that brings out our inner charm and happiness, it promotes joy to your life again

If you suffer from lethargy or you awake feeling lazy, hold a piece on your solar plexus to help reboot and recharge

Always wash hands after handling and please do not make elixirs it is toxic to injest, keep away from pets

It is believed this crystal helps you attract a suitable life partner, so keep a piece in your handbag whilst out and about (in the case shown as it’s fragile!)

Magical aspect: keep a piece beside you when meditating if you find it hard to concentrate

Metaphysically Healing for the reproductive system, female hormone balance and helping protect against stomach bugs

This Crocoite comes in the little container shown, we have placed a little blutac on the base to stop the crystal rolling everywhere during transit.

This does not damage her in anyway. It is also normal that little shards may come away from this piece due to the structure of the specimen