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Crystal Lamp ~ Green Fluorite & Rose Quartz ~ Cool Glow

Crystal Lamp ~ Green Fluorite & Rose Quartz ~ Cool Glow

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ELEMENT: Water and Earth

height: 235mm

width: 97mm

Feel the benefit of these crystals for some merging of natural energies.

Lamps feature Rose Quartz & Green Fluorite 

Crystals share their natural vibrations from within. They also allow us to connect with Mother Earth. Crystals are used in many healing ways and you don’t need to be a hippie to feel the difference they bring! 

They provide a decrease in negative energies, they improve the atmosphere by charging it with positive and uplifted vibrations and they also provide better sleep, when using specific types in your bedroom.

~ These lamps may be used everyday, and on average I leave ours on for around 14 hours daily. They do not produce heat and are perfect to use as a night light.

When placed in your home these lamps generate their unique energy, whilst brings a calming and peaceful ambience. 

~ These beautiful LED lamps are hand made on the Sunshine Coast by local artisans, using repurposed wood found on their properties and natural crystals. They include cord and dimmer switch attachments.

~ On average the LED lighting should last for around 10 years this is based on a 12 hours use time daily on the brightest setting.

~ These lighting strips may then be replaced as needed. 

~They include an 18 month warranty. DO NOT cut of the label on the cord or your warranty is void.

~ They do meet Australian Safety Standards.

What it DOES cover:

Any defects in the electrical components and craftsmanship in either the ‘Chi Generator’ or ‘Chi Balancer’ lamp types. This includes the malfunction or defect in any electrical components, and any loose or improperly attached crystals.

What it DOES NOT cover:

The full warranty does not include any defect of or unsightly inclusions in the natural crystals used to create a ‘Chi Generator’ or ‘Chi Balancer’, warm or cool lamp.

This full warranty does not cover any damage done, altering, attempting to fix, or otherwise modifying the ‘Chi Generator’ or ‘Chi Balancer', warm or cool lamps. 

This full warranty does not include any damage done by accident, dropping, striking or otherwise accidental or intentional harming of the ‘Chi Generator’ or ‘Chi Balancer’ warm and cool lamps.

This full warranty excludes any warranty from any parts, cables or attachments of the ‘Chi Generator’ or ‘Chi Balancer’, warm and cool lamps. 

This full warranty will be null and void if the batch number ‘warranty void if removed’ sticker for electrical compliance is removed from lamp cord.

Please see full details on their website about Warranty details. 

After making initial contact with us, please contact Elemental Formations directly if you get a fault with your lamp. Your lamp needs to be sent or taken to them NOT US. We are not authorised to do anything electrical!

No other experts warranty applies:

  • This warranty is the sole and exclusive warranty. No employee, agent, dealer, wholesaler or other person is authorised to alter this warranty or make any other warranty on behalf of this product or Elemental Formations Pty Ltd in verbal or written form. Refer to products official warranty terms

This postage return or travel to and from Elemental Formations is at the expense of the customer not us. 
If the lamp is broken or damaged in transit through incorrect packing we are not responsible for refunding this item, nor are they.

Your lamp arrived in perfect condition as we packed it with love and care! 

You receive exact lamp as displayed

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