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Crystal Macrame Hanging ~ Amazonite/Citrine

Crystal Macrame Hanging ~ Amazonite/Citrine

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height: 300mm

These may be hung anywhere you need some crystal vibrations!

All feature raw stones with a silver metal hanging Crescent Moon & Star

This combination spotlights: 

AMAZONITE use her for:

Bringing strength to your physical and spiritual bodies

She helps us feel calm as she dissipates any nervousness, anxiety or stresses we may be having

Amazonite brings us soothing Heart Chakra vibrations and helps us accept ourself

She encourages us to be courageous and move with the changing seasons around us 

Metaphysically Healing for anxiety, easing restlessness feelings, connecting us with nature 

CITRINE use her for:

Attracting all that is good! Abundance, wealth, health and prosperity to you and your surrounds

Citrine banishes negative energy and changes it to a feeling of positivity instead

She shares uplifting vibrations of joy and happiness, which help combat depression, melancholy feelings and grief 

She also helps our physical body by boosting energy, metabolism and immunity by raising our vibration

Metaphysically Healing for fibromyalgia, lethargy and digestive issues. 

 You receive one hanging chosen intuitively for you.

Please note each will vary in string colour using either dark brown/black and crystals will vary in shape as each is uniquely hand made.

Please do not request string colour nor crystal shape, as we have these all pre made and they are not changeable! 

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