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Crystal Sand. Tigers Eye.

Crystal Sand. Tigers Eye.

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Crystals and Sand are used widely in Magick and Witchcraft 

This crystal alternative may be used in your cauldron or Abalone shell as a heat guard or to place your charcoal disc on, it can also hold your candles in place

Use it in a glass or home decor bowl for the crystal energy and colour properties

 Use in your ceremonies and spells for power, strength, protection and courage

This is a beautiful stone of power and growth

It is an ancient talisman that hold mysterious and powerful vibrations 

Use it for good fortune and prosperity, it holds the power of both the Sun and Earth combined

It is chatoyant which means it reflects iridescent light from its surface like a cat's eye, carries negative vibes away from the wearer

It acts as an antidote against anger so brings calm energies

Aids in meditation and brings strength and courage

Metaphysically healing for all over body strength and vitality

May ease stomach issues, and muscle sprains

You receive one jar of Tigers Eye Sand as displayed 180gms, crystal not included

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