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Crystal Witch Wand ~ Smoky Quartz

Crystal Witch Wand ~ Smoky Quartz

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CHAKRA: Sacral and Solar Plexus

ELEMENT: Earth and Fire

These witchy little wands are here to add a sprinkle of Magick to any day and to nurture your Spirit

Choose Tigers Eye if you want to add some power, protection and balance to your spirit and home

Tigers Eye helps balance our yin/yang, it’s a powerful talisman and also deflects negative and ill wishes back to the sender before they penetrate your aura! Who needs their bad energy? They deserve it back threefold right?

Healing properties include solar plexus activation, boosting energy levels, overcoming fatigue, helpful for digestive issues and also to bring grounding

You receive one wand, please note each is hand glued/made so designs will all slightly vary


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