Dendritic Agate Tumble Stones



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This beautiful stone is perfect for anyone in healing, therapies, and practising meditation

Agate brings us inner stability and protective energies, it gives self confidence

It is good to keep during pregnancy and may help new Mamas when dealing with emotions and hormones after delivery. If held between the breasts it encourages lactation.

A stone of fidelity and happy strong marriages, it also strengthens family relationships, keep a stone near a cherished family photo

Placed in a bowl in your workplace, it will freshen the surrounds and help counteract air conditioning or stagnant air

Use as a lucky talisman for safe travels, flying and traffic or car accidents

Metaphysically Healing for back pain caused from stress or tension

When placed on the stomach or in elixir form it will stimulate the digestive system and relieve pain or upsets

Use when you have a fever by placing a tumble stone on your forehead for around 10 to 15 minutes, to bring some relief and crystal energy

It is believed to help those who sleep walk, if this is you, keep a stone under you pillow each evening!

You receive one stone chosen intuitively for you