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Desert Rose

Desert Rose

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CHAKRA: Root, Third Eye and Crown

ELEMENT: Air and Earth

weight: 244gms

height: 63mm

width: 87mm

Ever wondered how these gorgeous forms get such ornate and floral looking details and their appearance? 

Desert Rose is a grounding and intuitive crystal that forms in Desert areas and terrain

The sand becomes trapped making the beautiful forms, which are very symbolic of flowers blooming 

Desert Rose is a form of Selenite but, it also has its own unique energies. So don’t call it Selenite! 

It is an Angelic stone which is wonderful used in meditation and for affirmation strengthening

She is a stone to encourage your psychic powers, intuition and unleash your inner creativity

Let her vibrations help you appreciate and make the best of your current situation in life 

Desert Rose energies ease panic attacks and claustrophobia

She allows us to feel more self confidence, clarity of mind and positive thinking

Hold one and envision your dream, but see it as if you are already living it….

This is the key to making your dreams come true, believe they have happened! 

Metaphysically healing for viral infections, skin growths or blemishs and healing our animals

Please don’t ever cleanse these beauties with water, it is not their friend! Use sage instead 





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