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Divine Feminine ~ Labradorite

Divine Feminine ~ Labradorite

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CHAKRA: Third Eye and Throat


weight: 90mm

height: 70mm

width: 35mm

Divine Feminine what is it?

We all have her within us and you need to release her if you haven’t already…

Feel the following traits:

~ Intuition

~ Wisdom

~ Compassion

~ Love from your Heart

These beautiful female forms embody all that we are. Ignite your flame…

This is a great scrying or gazing stone to reflect the changes and insights you need to find within

A stone of magic and independent thoughts and actions

Develops our psychic awareness and spiritual growth

Labradorite strengthens our aura and unites all our Chakras

A stone for determination and motivation

Use labradorite for dream recall and balance, it also offers protection 

Its known for its beautiful iridescent colouring and shimmers of colour

Wearing labradorite brings the fun and spontaneity back to your life

Gets you out of your routine if you feel stuck in the daily grind

Metaphysically healing for bronchitis, respiratory complaints, menstruation and PMS

You will receive one goddess chosen intuitively for you, each is uniquely beautiful 


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