DIVINE LOVE Mixed Healing Bracelet ©️



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CHAKRA: Root, Sacral, Heart

10mm gemstones on elastic

7 inches circumference

We have based our mixed bracelets, on our popular healing pouches

These bracelets are the perfect way to receive crystal healing energies through your daily routine

These stones work together to bring Universal love, harmony and peace of mind 

CARNELIAN: a stone of fertility and love of life with passion

Metaphysically healing for fertility, exhaustion, self healing and male potency

ROSE QUARTZ: a stone of unconditional love, nurturing and self respect

Metaphysically healing for headaches, fertility, hormone balance and emotions

RED JASPER: a stone of vitality to activate the root chakra and our sexuality 

AMAZONITE: a stone of calm, soothing tranquil vibes, brings luck and courage 

Do not wet your bracelet as quality may be affected over time

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