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Dog or human Crystal ~ Moss Agate Arrowhead Keyring ~ Immunity & Calming

Dog or human Crystal ~ Moss Agate Arrowhead Keyring ~ Immunity & Calming

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Lilly looks lovely wearing the entire collection on her bandana, you can also hang them near their sleeping room or place it under their bed, if they won’t eat them! 

Moss Agate is wonderful for older dogs as it keeps them feeling healthy and balanced. It also helps their immunity.

A beautiful stone to cleanse the aura and eliminate negative energy

This pretty stone is a favourite of mine!

Its safe to infuse for making elixirs and placing in your bath also

Humans, pets and plants all benefit from the earthy renewing vibrations she holds within

Moss agate is a crystal known as a gardeners stone it encourages plant health and good harvests

It brings new friendships with like minded people and will attract new love 

Metaphysically healing for colds and flus, boosting the immune system, fungal and skin infections and acts as an anti inflammatory 

A stone of new beginnings and regrowth of trust and dreams

Agates bring harmony whilst balances our Yin/Yang energies

Agate stabilises our Aura and brings harmony and calming energies

Agate brings courage, strength, confidence and eases our fears

A crystal of healing, protection and courage

You receive one key chain chosen intuitively for you


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