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Essential Oils Blend ~ Stress Relief

Essential Oils Blend ~ Stress Relief

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100% natural and undiluted essential oil blend 

10ml bottle includes dropper

THROAT & SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRAS This blend works well with them both 

When we feel stressed we often feel clenching and tightness in our stomachs or tightness in our neck, and shoulder blades! 

Combine with some Hematite or Clear Quartz to draw our muscle tension and pains


The greatest weapon against stress is the ability to choose what you really need 

This exotic infusion can help relieve you from your daily patterns of stress

The beautiful Ylang Ylang brings in the pleasing aroma and calming relief

Combined with Cedarwood and zesty Orange you have a winning combination 

The fishing touch is the added inclusion of Lavender for peace of mind and balanced emotions 

May be used for: 

Perfume, vaporisation, diffuser, repellant and dabbing on a light bulb 



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