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Essential Oil ~ SAGE

Essential Oil ~ SAGE

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Goloka Essential Oil ranges are 100% natural

The range of aromas will evoke one’s mind, body, senses, and spirit back to a healthy state

Essential Oils are the lucid plant extracts derived from many parts of the plant, fruit rind, leaf, twig, corn, seeds, flower, wood, resin, grass, barks and stem by the acknowledged conventional process of steam distillation

Gokoka essential oils gives everyone the ease of joyfully relishing the pleasing features of these oils

Apart from being delectable these oils stimulate the natural defence mechanism and promote the healing of physical, emotional and spiritual facets of our self

Use them whenever you feel like it:

~ Perfume, one drop of oil in a perfume base is wonderful

~ Vaporisation, use for relaxation by inhaling steam of the oil, just add a drop to boiling water

~ Diffusing, use 4 to 8 drips into your diffuser to freshen the atmosphere

~ Place a few drops on your night light, the heat activates the oil all night

Sage Oil is cleansing oil

This essential oil is used for

~ Use before bed to induce dreaming state

~ Cleansing 

~ Calming and soothing 

~ Pain relief

~ Promoting a sense of comfort

Combine with some crystals of the same energies like

~ Amethyst 

~ Blue Lace Agate 

~ Clear Quartz



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