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Essential Oils Blend ~ Headache Relief

Essential Oils Blend ~ Headache Relief

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100% natural and undiluted essential oils

10ml Bottle includes dropper 

CROWN & THIRD EYE CHAKRAS this blend works well with both 

Grab some Amethyst and Sodalite and place either on your Third Eye with this soothing oil massaged into your temples. Relief will happen. Lay for 15 minutes and allow the combination of nature to heal you 

Anything around us can trigger headaches, hormones and stress included!

Feel the relaxing properties of this blend as it begins to work 

Eucalyptus and Peppermint bring fresh new energy to move blocked and stagnant energy causing the ache

Next comes some Rosemary and Lavender to induce a feeling of peace, calming and relief 

 May be used as:

perfume, vaporiser, diffuser, light bulb, insect repelllant 


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