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Fairy Stone Silver Pendant

Fairy Stone Silver Pendant

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ELEMENT: Earth and Water

Height: 53mm

Weight: 25mm

These amazing smoothed stones have been treasured for hundreds of years by the Native Americans.

Legend holds these natural creations as a talisman for good luck, protection against bad spirits and for grounding with our Mother Earth.

They are also believed to attract abundance and prosperity, along with keeping the family happy and our love ones close.

They may be used to connect with The Goddess, as they are a very feminine vibration and the curvaceous flowing forms are like that of womanly curves!

If you suffer from night terrors or nightmares, they may help ease these issues by placing in your pillowcase or on your bedside table before sleep each night.

Magickal use, sees them used in rituals and in meditation as they provide a protective shield around yourself or your circle. Be grounded safely on Mother Earth as you soar in the higher Spiritual realms....

Metaphysically healing for balance, stabilising your thoughts and connecting you with your inner Goddess energy

Genuine .925 sterling silver 

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