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Fire & Ice generator

Fire & Ice generator

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ELEMENT: Water and Fire

Weight: 36gms

Height: 50mm

Width: 29mm

Fire and Ice gets its rainbow appearance from being heated at extremely high temperatures and then being rapidly cooled, this causes internal cracks and fractures which cause the rainbow colour spectrum

This is either natural when formed in the Earth or man made using clear quartz

Naturally formed Fire and Ice Quartz is rare and only comes from one origin in Brazil

Use to awaken all your Chakras and your mind to spiritual growth and development

It is cleansing and aligns our auric fields, it is pure in nature and energy

The images within the quartz have connection with Shamanic journeys, sacred geometry and higher consciousness

It is a highly programmable crystal making it great to hold during meditation or healing

Use Generators or Standing Points for charging or energising the atmosphere in any room

To bring protection and grounding in meditation

To energise your other crystals

To freshen the atmosphere and your surrounds

Use as a meditation focal point

Use them as a centre piece in gridding layouts

Use for home and business prosperity

They are a must for every light worker, healer and crystal collector

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