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Fossil Coral / Petoskey Tumble Stones

Fossil Coral / Petoskey Tumble Stones

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CHAKRA: Sacral, Third Eye and Crown


This Stone is truly amazing and one of my favourites, it resonates with my zodiac sign Cancer

Each has a unique flower/eye pattern that fills it with magick

They evolved over 350 million years ago from the coral colony in Michigan warm seas

Carrying a stone or wearing Petoskey helps increase your intuition about people and allows you to delve into relationships that need closure or balance

Use it by holding to your Third Eye to increase psychic awareness and development

Magically it is used for protection against malice and lower energies. Keep a piece near you, when practising mediumship or meditation, to provide protection from mischievous spirits...

Metaphysically healing for eyes, infections, glands, fluid imbalances and chronic fatigue syndrome

It really is an all healer as far as crystals go, and the energy transfer is very different. It promotes a sense of calm and wellbeing in myself

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